Glass tile and mosaics are renowned for their versatility and beauty.  Because it's impervious to the effects of moisture, glass tile and mosaics are a popular addition to bathroom areas and spa locations in commercial settings as well as residential.  Glass tile and mosaics can be used to cover entire surfaces or mixed with stone and porcelain tile as flourishes and trim pieces.  They can be used for shower stall floors, and as creative centerpieces to a room in the form of murals or unique layouts.  Use them in outdoor settings as well, like in pools or courtyards.  Glass tile and mosaics are available in a variety of opacities and finishes such as clear, matte, shiny, iridescent or underpainting that can create many effects.

Glass and Mixed Material Mosaics

Mosaics with a variety of material blends such as glass, natural stone, metal, shell or porcelain.

All Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaics, with richness and beauty, allow colors and light to be the design focus in these multi-hue options.  Because most choices come mounted on 12"x12" mesh sheets, they are easy to install as a backsplash or decorative border in kitchens, bathrooms, showers or pools & spas.

Glass Tile

Glass field tile, ranging from 3"x6" all the way to 16"x20", can be used as an accent or can cover a surface entirely.