Winter Collections 2017

Focused on pattern and color, our Winter Collections 2017 are curated to add artistic flair to your designs. Remy, our new decorative cement Encaustic tile, invigorates designs of the past with its soothing color palette and stylish patterns. Our new marble tile, brushed Iceberg White, will deliver a sophisticated and upscale feel to your projects. To complete our collection, we’ve added six new Sequel Quartz colors, all chosen to reflect and complement today’s emerging design trends.

Iceberg White (MRBICEBRG)

Iceberg White brushed marble

Iceberg White brushed marble is defined by its off-white background with white and light grey veining, plus crystalline accents. This snowy-white marble comes in 12"x24" and 18"x18" tile sizes.


Remy cement Encaustic tile in the Brigette pattern

Remy, a hand-made cement tile also known as Encaustic tile, breathes new life into an old-world design. Use the cool sea blue and warm grey solid colors and mix of patterns in Remy to create exciting floors, backsplashes and walls.

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