OTM Quartz Collection

The OTM Quartz Collection, a 93% natural quartz solid surface with unbeatable performance, is offered in colors selected specifically to complement and reflect the nature and tones of the Pacific Northwest. You can trust Oregon Tile & Marble to deliver only the world’s best.  The production of our quartz is in step with our region’s commitment to the environment. The manufacturing process is eco-friendly, eco-sustainable and deployed using the internationally patented Bretonstone® System. Every quartz surface is non-porous, homogenous and highly durable. It’s resistant to scratches, stains and is virtually maintenance free. This high purity quartz material is created using binding polymers and the highest quality unleaded pigments to ensure uniformity and consistency in color. OTM Quartz makes it possible to create anything from beautiful kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities to the most innovative flooring and cladding surface.
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