EcoGreen Collection

Our EcoGreen Collection allows us to provide "green" or "environmentally-friendly" porcelain and ceramic tile and installation product options. This collection of products are Eco-label, EMAS or Green Building Council certified or part of the ISO 14001 Standard Environmental Program.

Bianco Nero (ICBN)

Bianco Nero (ICBN) Floor & Wall Tile

The harmony of opposites, from fashion to furnishing, from art to films, black and white has always been the ideal color combination for portraying elegance with a timeless style. The Bianco Nero series offers a black and white palette in a shiny white-body wall tile and an accompanying porcelain matte-glazed floor tile.

Bioplank (XBP)

Bioplank (XBP) Wood-look porcelain tile

Bioplank presents the gorgeous aesthetics of natural hardwood planks in the form of durable porcelain tile flooring. Manufactured in Italy, these porcelain tiles are some of the best wood replications in the realm of flooring.

Collection Series (FACN)

Collection Series (FACN) - Arabesco

With help from the latest inkjet technology, Collection Series mimics the look of real marble. The glazed porcelain tile offers the beauty of these stones with the strength and ease of maintenance of porcelain. Collection is rectified and suitable for both residential and moderate commercial applications.

Eramosa (XEA)

Eramosa marble-look porcelain - Brown (XEABN)

Eramosa reveals stone’s spontaneous mystique in all its glory. Its texture is shot through with prominent parallel lines that combine in a harmonious chromatic contrast that inspires any space with fascination and importance. This series was created using the latest high definition ink jet technology.

Ex-Int (MEEX)

EX-INT (MEEX) Terracotta Porcelain

Ex-Int is an unglazed through-body porcelain with a warm, natural terracotta look that is suitable for both exterior and 

Gotha (SSGA)

Gotha Bronze 4x12 tile floor

From the merger between technology of porcelain stoneware, the refinement of marble and the naturalness of stone, a series of exceptional value is born. The depth, versatility and detail of Gotha's graphics have created a tile that will grace any setting.

Kauri (AFKI)

Kauri in Beige Bark

Kauri is an Italian rectified glazed porcelain with the look of petrified wood in three finishes, Bark, Natural and Lappato. Using inkjet technology, the Bark with its rough textured finish represents the outside of the tree, while the Natural and Lappato finishes both represent the core of the tree.

Koshi (IAKI)

Imola Koshi (IAKI) Beige
Koshi is a full-body porcelain that offers a modern, fresh look. With an eight-color palette in 12"x12", 12"x24" and a 4-color palette in 24"x48, it is the ideal choice for commercial or residential applications.


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