EcoGreen Collection

Commitment to Sustainability
The Oregon Tile & Marble EcoGreen Collection indicates tile and stone products that are classified as Eco-Label, EMAS, Green Building Council (GBC), United States Green Building Council (USGBC) or GreenGuard certified. Other series may not be certified by these groups, but are produced in compliance with the ISO 14001 Standard (International Environmental Program).  Other products are created in eco-friendly production facilities such as Quantra Quartz and Artistic Tile, while other products are created with recycled content.


Arty (ACAY)

Arty Wave Sugar (ACAYSR)

Atlas Concorde’s Decorative “Wave” in the Arty series rides the trend of structured wall tile. This 16x32 is pure elegance with three classic options: matte white, matte cream, and glossy white.

Bianco Nero (ICBN)

Bianco Nero (ICBN) Floor & Wall Tile

The harmony of opposites, from fashion to furnishing, from art to films, black and white has always been the ideal color combination for portraying elegance with a timeless style. The Bianco Nero series offers a black and white palette in a shiny white-body wall tile and an accompanying porcelain matte-glazed floor tile.

Bioplank (XBP)

Bioplank (XBP) Wood-look porcelain tile

Bioplank presents the gorgeous aesthetics of natural hardwood planks in the form of durable porcelain tile flooring. Manufactured in Italy, these porcelain tiles are some of the best wood replications in the realm of flooring.

Bristol (REBL)

Bristol Red Pavers and Bricks

The Bristol series features two important parts - a 2-3/8x10 brick and a paver in two sizes, 13x13 and 6-1/2x13. The realism and depth in this five color inkjet glazed porcelain line is remarkable. The brick is a faithful copy of brick in terms of color, shading and surface texture.  The five colors are: Cream, Dark, Red, Rust and Umber.

Cloud (1936)

Quantra Cloud - QS/OTM/1936-3

Cloud is an ivory grey quartz with light and darker swirled patches of those same colors.  It has flecks of grey and rust throughout.

Collection Series (FACN)

Collection Series (FACN) - Arabesco

With help from the latest inkjet technology, Collection Series mimics the look of real marble. The glazed porcelain tile offers the beauty of these stones with the strength and ease of maintenance of porcelain. Collection is rectified and suitable for both residential and moderate commercial applications.

Crema (1935)

Quantra Crema - QS/OTM/1935-3

Crema is a beige quartz with cream, gold and brown veins reminiscent of Crema Marfil marble.

Deluxe (MCDE)

Deluxe White (MCDEWE) natural stone-look porcelain

Deluxe is offered impeccable technical performance of a full-body porcelain. Deluxe delivers two sought-after stone replicas - White (Statuario) and Bronze (Bronze Amanis).

Ecocrete (ISEC)

Urban, everlasting, scratched, weathered. Ecocrete combines the contemporary look of concrete that has been worn by time with very subtle hints of the veining found in natural stone. The result is a stunning porcelain tile that is at the same time strong, yet understated, refined and impactful.


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