Artistic Tile

Bring art and design into your space with Artistic Tile, Oregon Tile & Marble's luxury tile, stone and mosaics collection. This line offers endless options ranging from glass, natural stone, porcelain and many innovative waterjet mosaics.


Modern and contemporary, urban architecture is the inspiration point for Utah, a hrough body porcelain. Create a downtown loft space with the neutral shades and subtle textures of wood and cement.  It's available in three colors: Grey, Sand and White.


Zebrano Marble Vein Cut Deep Brushed from the Vestige Collection from Artistic Tile

Vestige Collection features distinctly veined stones with a textural brushed finish that accentuates the inherent variation in hardness within the stones resulting in the background being recessed from the harder denser veins.


Vetromarmi - Glass and Natural Stone Water-Jet Mosaic

Rooted in antiquity, classic designs take on new life in the Vetromarmi Collection, which mixes the elegance of natural stone with the depth of glass, water-jet cut into intricate patterns. Subtle stone and glass combinations bring products of permanence to your interior space in an eye catching, understated chic format.

Villa (SVILA)

Villa Black and White Mosaic

Floral spirals float on a soft grey background in a bold pattern crafted from three contrasting Italian marbles. Intricate details common in centuries-old Romanesque cathedrals find new life in Villa, a classic tesserae mosaic presented in a modern palette.

Walden (SWALDON)

Walden Bianco Onyx Select Waterjet Mosaic by Artistic Tile

Thoreau described Walden Pond as “tranquil and lovelier than diamonds,” and ever since it’s stood as a symbol of nature’s restorative and meditative quality. This mosaic traces the shape of peaceful lily pads floating atop still water. Customize Walden with the glass or stone of your choice through our Tailored To program.

Xanadu (YXAN)

Xanadu Calacatta Gold

In 1797, Samuel Taylor Coleridge penned his famous poem, “Kubla Khan,” an opium induced dream of Xanadu, built in opulence by the emperor Kublai Khan as a summer palace with “gardens bright with sinuous rills, where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree.” Our ode to this famous verse is crafted from Calacatta Gold mosaic inset with flowing rill

Xanadu Falls (SXAN)

Xanadu Falls in Calacatta Gold by Artistic Tile

The sinuous rills of our poetic 'Xanadu' design are now available in a minimal version, free of decorative details. Xanadu Falls is a rhythmic confluence of polished Calacatta Gold pieces in an elegant, lightly reflective stream.


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