Artistic Tile

Bring art and design into your space with Artistic Tile, Oregon Tile & Marble's luxury tile, stone and mosaics collection. This line offers endless options ranging from glass, natural stone, porcelain and many innovative waterjet mosaics.

Opus Moldings

Opus Moldings from Artistic Tile

Composing a great room design is simple with these elegant sculptured stone Opus Moldings. Offered in five graceful profiles and thirty colors of natural stone that work in harmony with field tiles and mosics, Opus Moldings provide a final note in orchestrating a beautiful appointed room.

Orly (SORLY)

Orly Noir Limestone and Bronze tile

Orly combines the finest in materials and craftsmanship to achieve a remarkable new tile. Each piece is individually wrought in a painstaking hand process. Artisans hand-texture the limestone and hammer white bronze metal onto the face.

Pannelli (SPAN)

Pannelli hand-carved limestone and marble from Artistic Tile

Evocative of classic wood paneling, Pannelli is a new textured, 12x24 dimensional stone from Artistic Tile with a formal, old school appeal. Hand carved from Grey Foussana and Smoke limestone or Bianco Carrara marble, Pannelli adds a distinct creative element that's subtle, sophisticated and cool.

Peony (SPEO)

Peony Bronze Etched/Leaf Stone 12x12

Chinese culture and Greek mythology revere Peonies as symbols of romance, prosperity, and good health. Inspired by their beauty, our Peony floral pattern is etched on marble through the Italian AquaForte technique, forming fine lines with luminous gold and bronze metallic highlights.


Venato, Statuary marble with China Black and Mother of Pearl Dots  - Perlamarmi Collection from Artistic Tile

Combining elegance of shape, color and form; the Perlamarmi collection mixes beautiful classic stones with a touch of luxurious and rare Mother of Pearl shell.

Piatti (SPIA)

Piatti Calacatta Gold dimensional stone

Engineered to emphasize the geometry of its pattern, Piatti is a three-dimensional carved mosaic inspired by the jeweler’s art of faceting stones. Shown here in polished Calacatta Gold, Piatti can be fashioned out of your choice of natural stone within Artistic Tile's "Tailored To" option.

Pinnacle (SPIN)

Pinnacle Calacatta Gold honed by Artistic Tile

Experience the beautiful coloration of Italy’s classic white marble, Calacatta Gold, from a new, prismatic perspective. Pinnacle is carved into clean channels of triangular peaks and valleys for a strong dimensional statement, ideal for feature walls or cut into borders.

Raw (PRAW)

Raw concrete look porcelain tile from Artistic Tile

Raw offers all the beauty of traditional plaster in a durable, unique porcelain. Stocked as a 24 x 24 tile in four matte neutral tones.

Riverside Drive (SRD)

Riverside Drive Hexagon White

Riverside Drive mosaics resurrect the elegance of old New York, expressing it in a modern new collection of finely cut stone hexagons. Stone updates the 1920’s aesthetic, taking an historical style from its porcelain roots into a higher class. Stocked in three patterns and three colorways, or made to order with Tailored To.


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