The Artisan Collection

From classic to modern styles, the Artisan Collection natural stone mosaics are offered in marble, limestone, onyx and slate. These stocked mosaics come in a variety of stone, designs, colors and styles to complete any project.

California Gold (660)

California Gold Slate - ST/OTM/660G

The color range for California Gold slate mosaics includes dark greens, greys, browns, and rusts. The colors of this natural stone tile feature a warm golden element that adds character and warmth to spaces that can be rustic or casual.

Opal White (11)

Opal White Polished Marble - MT/OTM/11

Opal White is a warm white marble with slight grey and brown veining.  Tiles vary is depth of white.  Some are whiter and some darker, which accentuates the beauty and randomness of this natural stone.


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